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Brawly actually turned his gym into a gym. It’s finally been done.image

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PKMN WISH Grand Opening


Welcome to PKMN Wish!

This blog is a place where you may request custom bred baby Pokemon for free! Our founding member Yan was tired of seeing unfair trades on GTS and wanted to help people who may not have good trade fodder obtain their dream Pokemon. She brought together a team of players with hundreds of interesting Pokemon between them to help put together this blog. After many hours brainstorming and organizing together, we’re happy to announce that we’re ready to take requests.

We are willing to breed the following kinds of Pokemon:

  • Rare Ball
  • 5-6 IVs
  • HA (Pokemon with hidden ability)
  • Egg Moves
  • Anything you need for a Dex entry

We do not breed:

  • Legendaries (This is impossible with the exception of pseudo-legendary Phiones)
  • Shinies

Please read our Rules and FAQ sections for more information.

We’ll be announcing fun giveaways and other features in the future so please follow this blog and spread the word.

Yan, V, Daph, Carol, & Chandy

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